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Spreading and Developing of Modern Western Medicine in China

Xin Zhike, Zhao Chaoqun (Shanxi Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine)

The spreading of western medicine in China mainly including several forms described as follows: (1) translating western medical works; (2) setting up western style hospitals; (3) establishing western medical schools; (4) receiving Chinese returned students by the west; (5) establishing western medical publications; (6) establishing western style pharmaceutical factories. Chinese ancient traditional medicine had been pounded greatly when it spreaded in, then different views and ideas came into being after that in Chinese medical field. Some worshiped ancient classics by denying and refusing western medicine; some worshiped foreign things by discriminating and discarding ancient TCM; and others advocated the combination of the both. Great contributions were made for Chinese people's health by spreading western medicine in China. It also took promotive effects in developing Chinese health undertakings.

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