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Traditional Chinese Theory probably propels Geoscience Revolution

Yin Guoxing (Lanzhou, China)

Matter transformation theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a system mainly about the transformations among qi, xing, zhi, and it shows a great probability to propel geoscience revolution. In the scientific system of qi, xing, zhi there respectively contain three modern science concepts: energy, volume and mass. If qi, xing, zhi are respectively replaced by energy, volume and mass, although some contents are lost, others of important modern science value are reserved. So this method of replacement is practicable, according to which, the expression that qi produces xing in plain questions will be the modern science meaning of that energy produces volume. This principle plays an important role in geoscience research, for example, expansion of the earth is such a process of that qi produces xing. In detail, it is the continuous energy supply from the sun that causes the earth's size increasing. Therefore, according to the principle that energy produces volume originating from traditional Chinese theory, hypothesis of the earth expansion established by geologists must be tenable, and the earth's expansion is an inevitable result of energy conservation principle's affection from macroscopic scale.

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