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The Astronomical Relics of Northern Ethnic Minorities in China and the Value on the Astronomical History of China

Cai Nima (Chifeng City, China)

The astronomical relics of northern ethnic minorities in China scattered around the boundary of China. These relics have distinctive national features, but also present process in every stage of the development China's astronomy.

In ancient time, the northern ethnic minorities in China practiced the policy of opening to the outside world, and were seldom controlled by the bureaucratic apparatus. Therefore, which caused northern nationality stand up to the ancient Han national culture, moreover, it is stand up to the ancient western culture. Under the circumstances, the astronomy of northern ethnic minorities played a great role in minorities astronomical exchanging between China and western countries.

These can be summed up as follows:
1. The implements, paintings on the rock, vestiges discovered in the Hong Shan cultural relic in Inner Mongolia of China and the germination of astronomy in northern ethnic minorities such as Shan Rong.
2. The implements, paintings on the rock, vestiges discovered in the Da Wen Kou cultural relic, Yan Zhao cultural relic in Shan Dong of China, and the origins of astronomy in Xi Rong Dong Yi ethnic minorities.
3. The Ri Gui, the pillars of stone, the circle built with stone, the relics of Chan Yu cities built in the shape of constellations discovered in Han Dynasty relics, and the astronomy of Tang Dynasty.
4. The astronomical relics of Bei Wei, Xi Xia, Liao, Jin Dynasties and the beginning of the reformation on China's traditional astronomy.
5. The relics of the 29 astronomical observatories (Station-astronomical) of the Yuan Dynasty, the transformation of astronomy on China and the western countries, the overall reformation of China's traditional astronomy.
6. The hardwon reformation of astronomy in Qing Dynasty and some astronomical works with historical significance.

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