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Max Weber's Paradigm and Bureaucracy in Modern China

Iouri Chikine

According to Max Weber, norms and practices developed under a charismatic leader, who generally eschews past practices and makes his own rules, which will gradually become accepted ways of behavior and decision making. In Weber's pradigm, bureaucracies will grow up to enforce these norms and stuff the institutions. The final stage described by Weber is that of rational legitimization, a process he called the "routinization of charisma". The result is a modern, bureaucratic state.

China today seemed well on its way to Weber's stage of rational rule legitimization.

As far as we know, a bureaucratic state often creates favourable conditions for sciences. In particular it regards to the military science and technology.

Historically it was a matter of great importance to the Chinese government to build the country's defenses to the point where Western intrusions need no longer to be feared.

Western-style individualism and the supremacy of law never became established, nor did the personal freedom under law. It makes bureaucracy very dangerous under specific circumstances.

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