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Natural Lightning-mitigation and Lighting Protection of the ancient Buildings in Wu Tai Mountain

Gao Ce, Qiao Ruijing (Shanxi University)

After studying climate condition, thurder rain features, geological structure in the area of Wu Tai Mountain, the author mainly discusses the reasons why the buildings in that area have been protected from lightning-thunder for 2000 years. Much attention is paid to the function of natural lightning-mitigation. Under the particualr surrounding of WuTai Mountain area,it is pointed out that two aspects are involved in natural topography , for most ancient buildings were build in half way up to the mountain or at the base in a high altitude with the big mountain at the back and an open area in the front , as places the ancient buildings in a comparatively weak electric field;Another is the ecological environment -the uneven and green woods can not only check the violent air movemnet but also send ground induced change to the air for the purpose of neutralization with thurder cloud electric change and protect the ancient buildings from lightning-thurder. By above discussion, the author concludes that the ancient buildings in Wu Tai Mountain area can avoid being ruined by lightning-thurder just because of its special environment.

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