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A Study on the Collation of the Suan Jing Shi Shu

Guo Shuchun (CAS, Beijing)

One problem we should take into consideration in the study of history of sciences is the collation of ancient works. the collation of the Suan Jing Shi Shu has been an important subject since Qian-jia period.

1. Suan jing shi shu should be collated again.
The achievement of Dai Zhen's collation of the Suan jing shi shu is incomparable. However, he edited not seriously. He made some wrong collations. And he made a lot of rethorical corrections in Kong Jihan's edition, which led to many confusions among different editions. Qian Baocong contributed a lot to the collations of the Suan jing shi shu. He corrected many of Dai Zhen's errors. However, Qian Baocong's work was based on Kong Jihan's edition. Dai Zhen's errors were not completely corrected. Therefore, Suan jing shi shu should be collated again. We can take eight books from the editions of the Southern Song Dynasty and of the Jiguge as the basis for our collation. The other two could be based on Dai Zhen's editions.

2. To find the new errors that are not found by former scholars before is an important task.

3. To correct the errors made by former scholars is the most important task. The first kind of errors is that in the original text the sentence (or word) is correct, but it was changed wrongly, or deleted, or added.

Finally the paper deals with the lesson of collation.

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