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A textual research of the Si-Yuan Yu-Jian (�|局���)

Li Zhao-Hua, Chen Cheng-Yih (University of California)

This paper reports a critical investigation of the history and original form of the book Si-Yuan Yu-Jian �|局��� (Precious Mirror if the Four Elements) authored by Zhu Shi-Jie ��@贯. Although the original 1303 edition of the book sponsored by Zhao Yuan-Zhen 臾局疫 had long been lost, a number of annotated commentary editions, based on an old handcopy of the book discovered by Ruan Yuan 消局 in the 18th century, have survived in different prints and handcopies. In our textual research of the book, we have traced the development of the Shen Qin-Pei 埋田況 commentary from the 1819 handcopy first proofread and annotated by Li Rui �潫, and the development of the Dai Xu 蕉脚 commentary from the He Yuan-Xi 嗦局籪 print. And in addition, we have also examined their inter-relationship with the printed version of the Luo Shi-Lin 驽吩琳 commentary. By working through the exercises and problems of the book based on the instructions and illustrative examples given in the text, and by a detailed comparison with the available annotated commentaries, we are able to remove a number of misprints and incorrect insertions, and to restore much of the text. Further materials are needed, however, for textual research of at least two of the problems given in the book.

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