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Investigations on the Scientific Achievements in Inscriptions on Bronzes of the Western Zhou Dynasty

Liu Yu (Palace Museum)

1. Astronomy and Calendar (1) Terminologies related to lunar phases in the calendar of Western Zhou Dynasty: 沅��Q, 沅�缜, 弄�缜, 沅捩 (2) Timing Concept in Western Zhou Dynasty: 閑, �, 咣, 形, 嗟, 庇, �, 沐駐, ��, 吹�, �, 布, 告 (3) �q�

2. Medical Sciences
(1) Longing for life and observing of the symbols of longevity: 佬�, 隋息, 浙瘨, 洀躯
(2) Hereditary Choice: Principle of "峭吻賀姓蚊��敓��"
(3) Description to heart and main artery in the character of 杠

3. Biology
(1) Phenix in Westeren Zhou Dynasty
(2) White deer and white wolf
(3) The rite of �犘 and reproduction of horses
(4) Making wine

4. Manufacture of chariots and weapons
(1) Chariots, vehicles for daily life and equipments for horses
(2) Boat in 劇幢吹馭
(3) Weapons and protective equipments

5. Metallurgy and weaving
(1) Various bronzes
(2) Colourful dress and textile recorded in the regulations for the government officials' dress

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