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About the Roles of some Vegitative-Articles in old Chinese Materia-Medica

Ken-ichi Morimura (Kyoto University, Japan)

In the history of Chinese Materia-Medica, various sorts of natural-product have been employed as drugs. Most of them are vegetative-articles. They have always been used in the combination of plural sorts on every prescriptions. The role of the individual article is different each other in a combination, and the medical effect is displayed as the result of the synthetical-function by them all. Author intends to read a paper on some common vegetative-articles; for example GUI ④, JIAO �, JIANG “, GAN-CAO �贈� etc.

These articles have been already well known as familiar-drugs or food-flavours owing to each special nature, this time I intend to explain the resemble roles on the combination together with other different articles in old Chinese Materia-Medica BENCAOSHU �臾袸� and some ancient Chinese prescriptions newly excavated within recent years. I think the roles of them for other articles together with in a combination are control and introduction to diseased-part in the body.

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