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The Origination of Castration as a Primitive Cultural Phenomenon and as a Technology

Ma Yue (Sichuan, China)

How could castration, a medical technology based on complicated and profound principles of reproductive endocrinology, be invented in so early a time that many other simpler technologies had not been invented? The old view-point takes it for granted that castration was first tested on animal body, just like many other medical technologies in the history, before it was used on human body. Through criticism of the old point of view by means of the principles of scientific finding, ancient philological testimonies, cultural anthropological materials and human behavioral psychological theory of Sigmund Freud, the author's new technogenetic researches concluded in this paper that castration was first performed on human body on purpose of punishment, and showed to be a primitive cultural phenomenon. Continual and enough repetitions of human castration in long time resulted in the acquirement of naive physiological knowledge about castration, and only after that, people were able to utilize it on animal body on technological purpose, e.g. castrating domestic animals for more efficient fattening and breeding. This process was right the origination of castration as a technology from a primitive cultural phenomenon, and it was in correspondence with the logic of scientific finding and related historical materials that we have known.

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