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Explanation and Research for Chinese Senses of several mathematical Concepts

Shao Qichang (Sichuan, China)

Each mathematics concept in the Chinese books not only possesses its own accurate content mathematically but also its special content in Chinese.

Not a few mathematics concepts such as factor, multiplication, product, power, gui, division, quotient, ratio, dividend, divisor, gou, gu, prime number, logarithm, function, equation etc. are difficult to figure out and understand, for their profound, implicted Chinese senses as well as being reextended over again and again, especially, for the Chinese traditional mathematics has gone through thousands of years, through the primary era of seeds from the far ancient to the Spring and Autumn period, its thriving and decline from the Warring period to the end of Ming Dynasty and the era of exchanging mathematics between China and the Western world from the end of Ming Dynasty to the end of Qing Dynasty. The famous works Zhoupi Suanjing and Jiuzhang Suansu, the frame of ancient Chinese mathematical books, were written about two thousand years ago. The concepts multiplication, power, quotient, ratio, gou, gu and equation appeared as early as in these two books. Afterwards their meanings had gone changed, ingenious and blurred.

In order to understand and master correctly the essence of these mathematics concepts, explanation and researching for their Chinese content are given.

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