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The Formation and Comparison of the "Scientific Community" between the Modern China and West

Shi Ruogu (Teachers Institute of Jimei University, Xiamen, China)

This paper first analyses the concept,the "scientific community" proposed by the contemporary Western scientific philosopher T. Kuhn. Then, it discusses the historical process, together with its function, of the rise of the "scientific community" in modern West (Europe). At the same time, a comparison of the situations of the same period is also made between the West and China. This paper points out that one of the internal reasons for the backwardness of the science and technology in China in the modern period is the fact that the "scientific community" did not appear in the late of Ming Dynasty and early China Dynasty. In the end, examples are given, showing that the coming of the "scientific community" in the 1910-40s makes the science develop gradually. And thus a conclusion is reached that the "scientific community" is a great promotion to the development of science and technology.

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