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Qingdao German-Chinese University: A Model of Modern Education as "Science-Technology + Confucius"

Wang Chunmei (China-Arbeitsstelle, TU-Berlin)

Qingdao German-Chinese University (qingdao tebie gaodeng zhuanmen xuetang) was founded in 1909 under cooperation of Chinese and German government in Qingdao. At that time, most of the foreign higher schools in China belonged to Christ Missionary and therefore conclude much religious content in their educational program. Nevertheless there existed ground contradictory between Christ doctrine and Chinese culture, represented by Confucian tradition. Thus were conflicts inevitable. So tried the German government, who came out already somewhat later to create higher educational institution in China, to combine the western advanced system with Chinese national ethic, abandoning any western religious content. Cooperated with Chinese municipal government and underlined the Chinese Imperial educational administration. That is the so-called model of "Science-Technology + Confucius" (keji + kongzi). Did this experiment really succeed in diminishing the conflict between western system and Chinese tradition? In this article, the following topics will be discussed:

1) A historical review of the Chinese traditional education in the light of Confucius;
2) Establishment of the modern educational system in China: Missionary school as one pattern;
3) Conflict between traditional Confucian Orthodox and missionary Orthodox;
4) Setting up of German-Chinese University in Qingdao: An attempt to create a model of "Science-Technology + Confucius";
5) Conclusion

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