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The Achievement of Flower Cultivation in the Tang Dynasty in China - According to the Poems written in the Tang Dynasty

Wei Luling (Guangzhou, China)

The poems written in the Tang Dynasty form the great monument in the history of Chinese literature. They involved all the aspects of the life and society in the Tang Dynasty. Besides the value in literature, they kept with them lots of information on the political affairs, military affairs, economy, culture, arts, agriculture and so on. Among the poems, those that are on flowers or speak of flowers are important references for the research work about the achievement in flower cultivation in the Tang Dynasty. Based on the poems, this thesis analyzes the achievement in flower cultivation then. It is believed that the pound lily, the peach, the laurel, the plum (�, Prunus mume), the chrysanthemum, the orchid, the plum (�, Prunus salicina), which have a long history of cultivation in China, were the most widely planted in the Tang Dynasty. It is also believed that many newly domesticated flowers, such as peony, Chinese flowering crabapple, azalea, yurei enjoyed popularity in the Tang Dynasty. Apart from those mentioned above, some foreign flowers were brought and planted in China.

From the related poems, we can see that in the Tang Dynasty, the flower cultivating industry and flower markets were already on a certain scale and that the technique of flower cultivation such as introducing fine varieties, domestication, breeding, accelerating the blooming made great progress in the Tang Dynasty.

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