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On Bailey Willis' Geological Survey in China (1903-1904), with a Preliminary Discussion of his General Idea about Movement of Earth's Crust

Yang Jingyi (CAS, Beijing)

Bailey Willis (1857-1949) was a well known American geologist. In his life, Willis travelled and made a number of geological surveys around the world, including Asia, Africa, South America and Oceania. Among them, his geological survey in China from 1903 to 1904 was one of his most important contributions to geology, and thence, he was awarded honorary doctorate by Berlin University in 1910.

The present paper, first of all, discusses background of Willis' visit of China and his study on geology of China, based either on field survey, or on documents. His study covered a variety of branches of geology of China, such as structural geology, stratigraphy, seismology and mineral resources. The author then makes detail analysis of Willis' influence and role in the early development of geology of China, taking his works about the geology of provinces of Shanxi and Shaanxi as examples. Furthermore, the relation between his study on structural geology of China and his general idea about movement of the earth's crust is expounded, thereby the character of geological idea early in the 20th century is exemplified.

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