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The positive impact of German military technology on Bei Yang Fleet

You Zhanhong (Tsinghua University, Beijing)

Bei Yang Fleet, constructed by Qing Dynasty (1644 - 1911) from 1875 to 1888, was the strongest one in Asia. Two armoured battleships and three cruisers of its main warships, Zhen yuan, Ding yuan, Jing yuan, Lai yuan, Ji yuan were manufactured in German shipyard and equipped with German Krupp heavy artillery. It had two perfect naval bases, Lu Shun and Wei Hai Wei, which were designed by German engineers and constructed with German-style battery. This paper will expound the positive roles of German military technology on the establishment of Bei Yang Fleet from four respects such as armoured battleships technology, battery construction technology and military consultants' training. In addition, this paper will explain the technological reasons Bei Yang Fleet suffered defeat in Chinese-Japanese War (1894 - 1895). This paper is achieved on author's graduation thesis, On Li Hongzhang and Bei Yang Navy.

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