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A Reflection of Song Dynasty's Administration System of Smelting and Coining in Da Ye Fu

You Zhanhong, Hua Jueming (Tsinghua University, Beijing)

Da Ye Fu, an ancient prose poem on smelting, written by Hong Zihui (肝愒萅), Nan Song Dynasty's (1127 - 1279) famous scholar, is a precious document for describing the history of smelting (筳�) and coins and the technology of mining, smelting and coining as well as coin administration in ancient China. It is very difficult to punctuate and annotate to the full text because of its archaic and profound language with various literary quotations and unfamiliar words and phrases. This paper will make a textual criticism and annotation in detail to the Smelting and Coining Organizations (�, �, 晋, 腶, 妥), Transportation System of Minerals and Coins, Coins Administration Organizations described in Da Ye Fu according to both the "�闲瀦鑨赈", "��v��E姫异葀" etc. and recent research results. Moreover, this paper points out that Song Dynasty had made great developments in coining industry because it not only had a good grasp of advanced technology of mining, smelting and coining, but also a perfect administration system.

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