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The International Cooperation and Exchange for Chinese Academy of Sciences since National Reformation and Open

Zhang Jinghao (CAS, Beijing)

The Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) is the country's highest academic institution and the center of comprehensive research on high technology and development. The international cooperation of CAS is an important component part of its activities. The Academy has formed long-term and extensive cooperative relationship in science and technology with institutions in more than 40 countries and regions, signed more than 70 cooperative agreements at the academy level and more than 700 at the institute level since 1978. The number of personnel exchange with foreign institutions totals 7000 person-time annually. Having adopted more directions, more stories, more channels and more measures, the Academy has smoothly promoted its international cooperation which has been distinctly effective to the innovation of basic research and high technology.

It has been divided into three periods from 1977 to now. The first is named the recovering period (1977 - 1979). The National Conference on Science was held in March of 1978 when the national economy had just begun to be adjusted. The Working Symposium of Foreign Affairs for all Academy was held in April of 1978. It was determined that the main responsibilities of the foreign affairs are to liberate thoughts, to open new channels for international exchanges, to realize the foreign corresponding institutions by the match visiting of the scientific observational representatives, and to begin the sign of the cooperative agreements. In the period of rapid development (1980 - 1989), three characters of the foreign affairs were formed which are the rapid expanding of the scales, the more abundance of the contents and that the cooperative effects are emphasized. Since 1990, when the market economy was to be established and the national system of science and technology was to be profoundly reformed, the Academy has proceeded the comprehensively programmatic reformation and the constructive adjustment. The traditional models of international cooperation have been broken, and the new cooperative patterns and channels, including the connective laboratories and the research groups of young scientists, have been explored.

The international cooperation of CAS has made important contributions in many ways to the exchange of academic ideas, the improvement of S&T standards, the level of scientific administration and policy, training of talents, and the influence of CAS in the international scientific communities. Having served to the developing target and the reformation of CAS, and followed the principles of equal and profit for each other, merit complemented each other and achievement acquired each other, the international cooperation ought to emphasize the practical effects, strongly support the cooperative researches and the export-oriented development of high-tech enterprises, promote the connection between S&T and E&T, proceed the exchange in the fields of scientific strategies, policy and administration.

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