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Cui Jialing 崔家岭

Jialing 家岭 Cui 崔
Born 1975 in Tengzhou 滕州; (Shandong 山东;, China)

Doktorand an der China-Arbeitsstelle (Thema der Dissertation: Wissenschaftspolitik des Wilhelminischen Deutschlands)
seit 2004
Studium der Wissenschaftsgeschichte am Institut für Wissenschaftsgeschichte 自然科学史研究所 der Chinesischen Akademie der Wissenschaften 中国科学院
Dozent für die "Dialektik der Natur" an der Chinesischen Kommunikations-Universität 中国传媒大学
Studium der Physikgeschichte an der Pädagodischen Universität der Hauptstadt 首都师范大学
Studium der Physik an der  Pädagodischen Universität Qufu 曲阜师范大学


  • The Discovery of

    Two Kinds of Neutrinos, by CUI Jialing and LIU Shuyong, College Physics, Vol.19

    No. 3, 2000

  • The Discovery of

    CP Symmetry Violation, by CUI Jialing and LI Yanping, College Physics, Vol.19

    No. 5, 2000

  • Wilson’s

    Renormalization Group Theory for Critical Phenomena, by CUI Jialing, Physics,

    Vol.29 No.7, 2000

  • Rome Church’s

    censoring Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems, by CUI

    Jialing and LIU Shuyong, College Physics, Vol.20 No.2, 2001

  • Why Transmission

    of Western Civilization Failed to Fundamentally Transform Chinese Science And

    Technology, by LIU Shuyong and CUI Jialing, Journal of Capital Normal

    University (Social Sciences Edition) No.3, 2001

  • A Deadly Symbiosis: The

    Relationship Between Human Genetics and Politics at the Kaiser Wilhelm

    Institute for Anthropology, Human Heredity and Eugenics, 1927-1945 Science & Culture Review, No. 6, 2004, Author: Sheila Faith Weiss, Thomas M. Berez, Translator Cui Jialing,

    Corrector Fang Zaiqing

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Cui Jialing