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8th International Conference on the History of Science in China

23. - 28. August 1998

Participants and Papers

Paper (Link to abstract)
Iwo Amelung
"Taking science as root": Disaster prevention and disaster relief in the pricewinning essays of the Shanghai Polytechnic Institution and Reading Room
Wolfgang Behr
Some Traditional Chinese Descriptions of the Functional Organization of the Brain
Paul Bicker
Research on Dayan Seeking Unity Method
Bo Zhongxin
A few perspectives on "Joseph Needhams's Thesis"
Cai Nima
The Astronomical Relics of Northern Ethnic Minorities in China and the Value on the Astronomical History of China
Josi Antonio Cervera
Scientific and cultural Relations between Spain and China through the Philippines: Fray Juan Cobo and his Works in Astronomy
Chang Hao
Benjamin Hobson - a pioneer of modern Chinese chemistry
Chen Cheng-Yih
China and the West: Complementarity in Contrast
Chen Cheng-Yih
The impact of certain unearthed ancient records on the history of science and technology
Chen Jiujin
Twenty-eight Lunar Mansions of the Southern Nationalities in China
Chen Meidong
Spreading of and Reflection to the Theory of Global Earth in China during the End of Ming and the beginning of Qing
Chen Wenhua
Status and Project of Studies on the Origin of the Chinese cultivated Rice
Chung-ying Cheng
Human Uses of Science and Technology: Chinese vs. Western
Iouri Chikine
Max Weber's Paradigm and Bureaucracy in Modern China
Chung Yueh-tsen (Juliette)
The Structure of "" disciplinary Deployment and Eugenics
Dai Wusan, Zhang Chunhui
The Development of Ploughs in ancient China and its Impact on European agricultural Implements
Dai Zhiqiang, Zhou Weirong
A Re-study of the 'Tinned Coins' of the Song Dynasty
Vera Dorofeeva- Lichtmann
Political Cosmography in Warring States China: Some Examples
Fa-ti Fan
Natural history in the scientific contact between China and Europe
Feng Lisheng, Li Di
Investigation of Versions of Suanxue Qimeng (Introduction to mathematical Studies)
Fung Kam-Wing
A Critical Study of the Shi Shi xing guan bu zan (Star Catalogue of Master Shi [Shen, fl. 370 B.C. - 340 B.C.])
Gao Ce, Qiao Ruijing
Natural Lightning-mitigation and Lighting Protection of the ancient Buildings in Wu Tai Mountain
Gao Xuan
A Study of the Astronomical Clock Tower and Xin Yi Xiang Fa Yao
Joachim Gentz
The System of the "Monthly Ordinances (yueling)"
Peter J. Golas
Technical Representation in China: Tools and Techniques of the Trade
Guan Zengjian
The Angle Systems in Kao Gong Ji
Guo Guichun, Gao Ce
An Approach to the Lightning-Protection Measure for ancient Buildings in China
Guo Shirong
A.Wylie's Contribution to the Introduction of Chinese Science to Europe
Guo Shuchun
A Study on the Collation of the Suan Jing Shi Shu
Han Qi
The Introduction of Newton's Theory into China before 1860
Elisabeth Hsu
Illness causation, illness roots (bingben) and illness factors (bingyin) in Traditional Chinese Medicine
Hu Danian
Einstein and China: Einstein's aborted trip to China and the introduction of his relativity theory
Hu Huakai
The Preliminary Study on the Knowledge of the Conservation of Matter between the West and China in Ancient Times
Minghui Hu
"The Moderns become more precise than the Ancients" - The Precision of Calendars and Chinese Cosmology
Hua Jueming, You Zhanhong
An annotation and comment to the leaching copper section of Da Ye Fu
Huang H. T.
Red tea and black tea - a confusion in transmission
Yi-Long Huang
Astrology, Gender and Chinese Politics
Jiang Xiao-yuan
Indian astronomy in ancient China
Jing Bing
Comparative Research between the Records of Xuanming Calendar and Shoushi Calendar in Koryo-sa and those in Chinese Originals
Christoph Kaderas
The Founding of Chinas first Polytechnic Institution
Shinji Kajitani
Ishimpô and the Japanese Reception of Chinese Medicine
Yung Sik Kim
Problems and Possibilities in the Study of the Relation between Science and Bureaucracy in Traditional China
Kong Guoping
A comparison between Mei Wending's Zheng Xing (€øߑ) and the western trigonometry
Joachim Kurtz
Coming to Terms with "Logic". The Naturalization of a European Notion in China
Michael Lackner
Diagrams in China and Europe
Serguei Laptev
A comparison in technology, spread and role of the bronze mirrors in ancient China and the greek world
Hsiang-lin Lei
From Changshan to a new antimalarial drug (1929-1946) - Re-Networking Chinese drugs and exluding Chinese doctors
Li Di
On Franch de Lagree and Francis Garnier's Meteorological Observation in China and Indo-China from 1866-1868
Li Di, Feng Lisheng
The development of exchanges in science and technology between China and other counties in the Yuan dynasty and the role of Shangdu
Li Xiuhui, Han Rubin, Guo Suxin, Tian Guangjin
A Study of the Earlier Metallic Artifacts Unearthed from Zhukaigou Site of Inner Mongolia
Li Zhao-Hua, Chen Cheng-Yih
A textual research of the Si-Yuan Yu-Jian (€|§½€Š‰¾)
Lian Haiping, Tan Derui, Wu Zejia
A study on the technology of Lozenge-shaped pattern on bronze weapons in the eastern Zhou dynasty
Boqin Liao
Traditional Technology for the Production of Salt in Daning Saltworks: The Influence of Technology on Society
Liu Bing
Criticism of Science during the Cultural Revolution: A Case of Journal of Dialectics of Nature
Liu Dun
Xixue zhongyuan in Early China
Liu Yu
Investigations on the Scientific Achievements in Inscriptions on Bronzes of the Western Zhou Dynasty
Liu Zuwei
A New Cycle of Civilisation - A Comment on the Philosophy of Traditional Chinese Technology now hovering over the West
Lu Dalong
Newton's Calculus in Lixiang Kaocheng Houbian
Luo Guihuan
The German naturalists' biological explorations and studies in China (during 1830 - 1949)
Ma Bo-Ying, Alicia Grant
Transmission of traditional Chinese Medicine to England
Ma Yue
The Origination of Castration as a Primitive Cultural Phenomenon and as a Technology
Masayuki Sato
Ideological Projections: A Historical Perspective of the Centering of World Maps
Jianjun Mei, Colin Shell
The Bronze Technology in Xinjiang, China during the Second Millenium BC
John Merson
The Adoption of Chinese Medical Practises in the West
Ken-ichi Morimura
About the Roles of some Vegitative-Articles in old Chinese Materia-Medica
Nam et al.
One Inflow Clepsydra Model with dual Time-Signal Generator for the striking Clepsydra
Catherine Pagani
Clockwork and the Jesuit Experience in China
David W. Pankenier
Applied Field Allocation (fenye) Astrology in Zhou China: Characteristics and Applications
Michael Paton
The Relationship of Fengshui to the Scientific Tradition
Fabrizio Pregadio
The Transition from Waidan to Neidan in Chinese Alchemy
Qian Xiaokang
Talks on the Argument with Coupling Tillage for Ages
Klaas Ruitenbeek, Louise Hawley Stone
A Qing-Dynasty two-wheeled carriage in the Royal Ontario Museum
Gerhard Schmitt
On the trail of Shi Qiong
Mondo Secter
The 'Zhou Yi' Hexagram Sequence: An authentic, intended binary System discloses a rational, bilateral mathematicel Symmetry
Shao Qichang
Explanation and Research for Chinese Senses of several mathematical Concepts
Shen Yuzhi
Chinese City Planning Thoughts noted by ancient Books
Jochi Shigeru
The Making Method of the First Tangent Table in the World in 8th Century, China
Shi Ruogu
The Formation and Comparison of the "Scientific Community" between the Modern China and West
Martina Siebert
The Past and Present of Chinese Sciences in the late 19th century - Historiography of Science in China as reflected in the Competition Essays of the Gezhi shuyuan
Song Zhenghai
The Synthetic Characteristics of Chinese Traditional Disasterology and its Value on the Research of Global Change
Su Rongyu
Brass Articles in Chinese Neolithic Age and the Beginning of Metallurgy in China
Tao Zhenggang
The Study of Shuizhi (§ٵÌ) used to treat Disease in the Northern Song Dynasty in China
Kim Taylor
Lu Zhijun and his Medicine of Revolution - Short-Lived Innovation in the History of Acupuncture
Tian Jing
Variolation and Vaccination in China and the West
Tian Miao
The Westernization of Chinese Mathematics - A Case Study on the Development of the Duoji Method
Evgueni A. Tortchinov
Ge Hong's principal attitude towards science
Tyson Tobias Jue
Science and Evangelism in the Protestant Missionary Effort in China, 1890-1925
Hans Ulrich Vogel
The Question of the Transmission of the Rotary Winnowing Fan from China to Europe: Some New Findings
Donald B. Wagner
The Han state monopoly of the iron industry and its archaeology
Wang Bing
Several Opinions on Spreading the Western Knowledge of Mechanics to China in the Seventeenth Century
Wang Chunmei
Qingdao German-Chinese University: A Model of Modern Education as "Science-Technology + Confucius"
Wang Qianjin
The earliest and completest collection of data in order to draw the general map in Tang Dynasty
Wang Yusheng, Zeng Xiongsheng
Zeng Guofan and modern Chinese science and technology
Wei Luling
The Achievement of Flower Cultivation in the Tang Dynasty in China - According to the Poems written in the Tang Dynasty
David Wright
Translated Terms as Meme Products: the struggle for existence in Late Qing chemical terminologies
Xin Zhike, Zhao Chaoqun
Spreading and Developing of Modern Western Medicine in China
Xu Zhong Ling
The Popularization of Mathematical Methods in China
Yang Jian
The Activities of the First Generation of the Physicists in Modern China
Yang Jingyi
On Bailey Willis' Geological Survey in China (1903-1904), with a Preliminary Discussion of his General Idea about Movement of Earth's Crust
Yang Lifan
The Comparison of Sails of the Sailing Ships between the West and China in the 15th Century
Yang Qing
Standardization and Quality Management in Mechanical Engineering in Ancient China
Yang Wenhen
A primarily investigation into reasons of emergence of geographical monographs in the Tang Dynasty
Yao Pinglu
Some thoughts about the editing and publishing of the serial works The History of Science and Technology in China
Yi, Hie-Tae
Toward the 21. Century's Paradigm by Chung-san
Yin Guoxing
Traditional Chinese Theory probably propels Geoscience Revolution
You Zhanhong
The positive impact of German military technology on Bei Yang Fleet
You Zhanhong, Hua Jueming
A Reflection of Song Dynasty's Administration System of Smelting and Coining in Da Ye Fu
Yuan Tao
Ancient Sand mould Casting, Created in Xing Mang (9 - 23 A.D.)
Zeng Xiongsheng
Agriculture in Cities: An Aspect of Science and Civilization in China
Zhang Baichun
The Introduction of European Astronomical Instruments and the Technology Related into China during the 17th Century
Zhang Binglun, Wang Chengxin, Fang Zhaoben
Historical Regular Pattern of Drought and Floods in the Middle and Lower Reaches of Huaihe River and Its Application
Zhang Chunhui, Dai Wusan
On the Editions of Lei Si Jing
Zhang Daqing
P.B. Cousland: A Promoter for the Standardization in Chinese Translation of Medical Nomenclature
Zhang Jinghao
The International Cooperation and Exchange for Chinese Academy of Sciences since National Reformation and Open
Zhang Jiuchen
A Comparative Study between "Geographical Section of the History of the Han Dynasty" and Strabo's "Geography"
Zhang Li
Synthesis of Vitamin C in China and in Europe in 1930s
Zhang Wei
Learning from the West - China's Science and Engineering Education
Zhang Zengyi
Jiangnan Arsenal and Western Science and Technology into the Late Qing China
Zhang Zhizhong
A Comparative Research on Technology Diffusion in China and in the West
Zhao Feng
Diffusion and Reflection: Comparison of Mechanically Patterned textiles between the West and China
Zhou Ji
Special Position of Fujian in the Interchange History of Technology between China and the West
Zhou Jiahua
Cultural Factors and Foreign Influences Reflected in the Traditional Technology of Chinese Ceramics
Zhou Weirong, Dai Zhiqiang
The emergence and development of brass-smelting techniques in China
Serguei Zinine
Numerological Restrictions in Traditional Chinese Medicine: Tai-Yi and Ba Feng’s Case



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