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International Workshop

The Return of Philology: Close Readings of Chinese Texts for the Postmodern Age

Do., 19. bis Fr., 20. Juli 2007

Harnack-Haus, Tagungsstätte der Max-Planck-Gesellschaft

Organisiert von Mareile Flitsch und Erling von Mende, gefördert von der Fritz Thyssen Stiftung

In recent decades, a new generation of sinologists has emerged whose research is primarily philological in terms of methodology. At the same time, this new philology is both informed and empowered by the different frameworks and paradigms which have been proposed by theory-oriented scholarship. Through this innovative approach, Chinese texts of different genres and canons have been increasingly exposed to hermeneutical readings which keep moving back and forth between philology and theory. Paradigms are anchored, refined and limited by the textual work of these modern philologists. Texts and genres, on the other hand, are liberated from their positivist confines in order to become the object of complex analyses enriched by intertextual, interdisciplinary and cross-cultural interpretations. This recent and increasingly important trend of sinology shall be exemplified and elaborated upon in the workshop.

Day One: The Text as Medium
Panel 1: Text and Reality
Enno Giele, University of Münster
The Return of the Manuscripts: A Case Study of the Statutes for Scribes from Zhangjiashan
Erling von Mende, TU Berlin
Zeng Gongs Yuezhou Zhao gong jiu zai ji, a crucial text on catastrophe aid dating from 1075. Fact or Fiction?
Panel 2: Text and Virtuality
Olga Lomová, Charles University, Prague
Intertextual Reading of Wang Wei’s (698 – 759) Poetry: Sophisticated Simplicity
Michel Hockx, School of Oriental and African Studies, London
Chinese Web Literature: Strategies for Reading and Interpretation
Day Two: The Text as Message
Panel 1: Expanding the Disciplines
Henrique Leitão, University of Lisbon
The astronomical treatise Tianwenlüe by Manuel Dias in the context of the European De sphaera-traditions
Rui Magone, University of Lisbon
Literature in Science, Science in Literature: Generic Conventions in Manuel Dias’ Tianwenlüe
Wolfgang Behr, University of Bochum
Buchstabenschnueffeleien ---- Liu Xianting (1649 - 95) and the Lost Search for Universals
Panel 2: Disciplining the Expansion
Joachim Kurtz, Emory University
Reading Logic into the Mojing: Liang Qichao vs. Zhang Binglin
Iwo Amelung, University of Frankfurt
Celun (Policy Questions) und ‘Western Knowledge’ at the Civil Service Examinations of 1902 - 1904

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