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Dr. HUANG Huang


HUANG Huang is currently a postdoctoral researcher working at Center for Cultural Studies on Science and Technology in China, Technical University Berlin. She had studied Landscape Architecture for five years in college, and then she continued her graduate school major in Urban Planning for three years, both in Tongji University, Shanghai, China. When she was in Tongji University, she attended the joint study programs with Busan University, South Korea in 2006 and Cardiff University, the UK in 2009. After three years of career in design and planning research institutes, Huang decided to pursue her doctoral degree in urban planning with the research mainly focusing on post-rural urbanization in China at Technical University Berlin. 

HUANG Huang’s research focuses on rural urbanization, rural revitalization, urban-rural interaction, urban renewal, and urban sociology. Supported by ‘Stipendium des Präsidenten,’she had been devoting herself in the study of rural development within the current urbanization processes in China, analyzing exploratory rural practices in China with a critical perspective through in-depth case studies. It is follow-up research of her previous study on rural challenges in China, which started in 2008 and addressed the subject of intensive development in rural China as supported by national funding. 


Doctor of Philosophy, Technical University Berlin
Post Rural Urbanization in China: Learning from University Engagements in Village (Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Philipp Misselwitz).

Master of Engineering in Urban Planning, College of Architecture and Urban Planning, Tongji University, Shanghai, China. (Thesis) The Study of Characteristics and Planning Strategies of Intensive Distribution of Rural Settlements in China’s Urbanization Process. (Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Guiqing Yang).

Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture, College of Architecture and Urban Planning, Tongji University, Shanghai, China.


06.2014 – 06.2016 (11.2014 – 06.2016 Leave without Pay)
Engineer and Researcher
Shanghai Tongji Urban Planning and Design Institute, Shanghai, China.

05.2011 – 05.2014
Assistant Engineer
Guangzhou Planning and Design Institute Shanghai Branch, Shanghai, China.


Book contributions

(2011).Chapter 3. Technical Training Course of Chinese Rural Settlement Planning.

(2011). Chapter 4. Rural China: Report on Chinese Rural Settlements 2010.

(2012). Chapter 10. Rural Community: Planning Standards and Drawing Samples.

(2015). Chapter 3. Huangyan Practice: Planning Exploration for Beautiful Countryside


with Akaateba, Millicent Awialie and Emile Akangoa Adumpo.(2018)."Between co-production and institutional hybridity in land delivery: Insights from local planning practice in peri-urban Tamale, Ghana." Land Use Policy Vol.72:215-226.

with Yang Guiqing, Philipp Misselwitz, Hannes Languth. (2017).Post Rural Urbanization and Rural Revitalization: Can China Learn From New Planning Approaches in Contemporary Germany. City Planning Review, Vol.11:111-119.

with Yang Guiqing, Song Daijun and Wangzheng.(2017).Social Integration Oriented Planning Exploration on Spatial Conformity of the Characteristic Town and Existing Villages --Case Study on Huangyan Intelligent Mould Town, Zhejiang Province. Urban and Rural Planning Review, Vol.6 

with M. Awialie Akaateba,(2017). Exploratory Practices for Post-Rural Urbanisation in China - Processes, Actors, and Performance. Trialog, Vol.122:35-41.

with Yang Guiqing, Dai Tingxi and Wang Zhen.(2016). Regeneration of Historical Cultural Village under the Perspective of Social Change. Urban Planning Forum, Vol.229(3):45-54.

with Huang Huang,(2013).Large Scale Water Front Space Design in Mountain Cities: Case of Xiang Jiang River, Zunyi. Urban Construct Theory, Vol. 4 

with Yang Guiqing, (2011).Typical Settlements Survey and Intensive Layout Evaluation of Rural China. Urban and Rural Planning Review, Vol.2 

with Yang Guiqing, (2011). Analysis on Multiple Models and Social Integration in the Process of Relocating Local Residents in Urban Renewal Projects: Case of Yangpu District, Shanghai. Shanghai Urban Planning Review, Vol.1:64-69.

with Yang Guiqing, (2010).The Study Progress and Thinking of Evaluation Index and Methods of Intensive Spatial Planning of Rural Settlements in China. Shanghai Urban Planning Review, Vol.6:18-21.

with LI Fengqing, (2010).China’s Aged Society and Planning Countermeasures. Modern Urban Research, Vol.7:85-92.

Conference Papers

Co-production in Urban Renewal On Rural Collective Land In China-case Study Of Guangzhou, The Pearl River Delta, 2018 Annual Urban-China Conference, Forum Speaker. University of Glasgow, Glasgow, UK. July 2018

Bottom-up Planning Practice of Collective Industrial Land Renewal in China, 2017 Annual Urban-China Conference, Forum Speaker. University College London, London, UK. May 2017

Bottom-up Planning Practice of Collective Industrial Land Renewal in China-Case Study on Baiyun District of Guangzhou, the Pearl River Delta, 7th SIID Postgraduate Conference, Forum Speaker. Sheffield University, Sheffield, UK. May2016 

Exploratory Practices of Post-Rural Urbanization in China: Processes, Actors and Performance, 16th N-AERUS Conference, Forum Speake. Dortmund University, Dortmund, Germany. Nov. 2015

The 'Three-old' policy of Community Renewal in China, Cases in the Pearl River Delta Region. The 49th ISOCARP Congress, Forum Speaker. International Society Of City And Regional Planners, Brisbane, Australia. Oct. 2013

Multiple Models and Social Integration in the Process of Relocating Local Residents: Case of Yangpu District, Shanghai. China-France International Forum of Affordable Housing and Urban Sustainable Development, Forum Speaker. Tongji University, Shanghai, China. May 2010

Grants, Awards, and Fellowships

HUANG Huang obtained numerous scholarships such as the "Stipendium des Präsidenten” of TU Berlin (2014-2018). Level A Scholarship for Graduate Student of Tongji University (2008-2011). Outstanding Undergraduates of Shanghai Municipality (2008). Grand Prize of Bao Steel (2006), Chinese Oversea Scholarship (2005).



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