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BAI Lanling, Communication University of China

Fraternity: From Ancient Life Style to Literary Works: A review of the dividing up of family assets in Sanyan




As the best collections of vernacular short stories in ancient China, Sanyan is valuable not only in the literary description but also in the description of social life. From the point of fraternity, this article studies the complicated relations between the literary value and the reference value of Sanyan by analyzing the division of family assets. The four aspects that are mainly discussed in this paper are the two basic fraternal bond types which are created by either dividing up the assests or not, the presider in charge of dividing-up, the basis upon which people carry out the dividing-up and other factors that complicate the matter. Finally through the analisis it is clear that Sanyan is a unification of historical facts, social customs and literary imagination.

Keywords: Sanyan; Fraterntiy; Dividing-up of family assets


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Dr. Sigrun Abels
Center for Cultural Studies on Science and Technology in China (CCST)
sec. MAR 2-2
Room MAR 2.032
Marchstr. 23
10587 Berlin
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