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First research stay of the project’s research associates in China

Philipp Mahltig, Dr. Dirk Forschner, Prof. Dr. Zhang Baichun and Dr. Sun Lie in front of the Institute for the History of Natural Sciences in Beijing

At the end of October 2011, Dirk Forschner and Philipp Mahltig travelled to Beijing for a first research journey of “Making Technology Appropriate”, a research project funded by the DFG (German Research Foundation). Apart from vital exchange with colleagues of the Institute for the History of Natural Sciences and additional Chinese experts, a special focus was put on the search for extant and well-conserved artefacts that could serve as an example of Sino-German technology transfer.

Accompanied by Dr. Sun Lie, Dr. Forschner and Mr. Mahltig visited the two railway museums in Beijing and one more in Shenyang. The visit to the museum in Shenyang was particularly successful for it revealed two German locomotives:

  • a Krupp tender locomotive, bulding class: Santa Fe (year of manufacture: 1936)

  • a fireless locomotive that was transferred to China by Borsig company in 1914

Regarding the research project a well-preserved Romanian steam locomotive that was manufactured according to German construction blueprints of type series 50 is of further interest.

Photos of the research journey


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