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China, a Science Superpower? An Introduction to China’s Science Policy

Historically, China has been at the forefront of science and technology but then during the period of the so-called Great Divergence lagged behind. However, since the Reform and Opening, the People’s Republic of China has quickly developed its science & technology capacity and has become a global scientific powerhouse. Science, technology and innovation are at the core of development policy. China has overtaken EU and Japan in research and development spending and has amazed the world with several scientific breakthroughs. The West is now waking up to the idea of China, an authoritarian regime, might overtake us and become a scientific superpower. What is behind China’s success? What are the challenges? Is China unique and how can historical & international comparison help us understand its current position and the future?

The course draws on a range of social science disciplines to examine China’s science and technology progress with focus on the period from Reform and Opening (1978) until now. The main objective is to help students understand contemporary China’s political, economic and social development through science and technology. Students are supposed to bring their own theoretical and methodological background from various disciplines to the discussion. Through the course, students will develop a basic understanding of China’s science and technology policy, priorities, players and institutional architecture. They will be also able to place the developments within the international context. They will be encouraged to avoid a Eurocentric (or Sinocentric) point of view in order to enrich their understanding of contemporary China and express it through argumentation in English.

HS/SE: "China, a Science Superpower? An Introduction to China’s Science Policy"
LV-Nr. 3131 L 179
Střelcová, Andrea
Do 10-12 Uhr

Bis zum 23.4. unter www.china.tu-berlin.de/anmeldung

BA-KulT FW 35: China 1
MA FW 37: China 1
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