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Capital and Human Resources Mobility in China's Economic Transformation (HS/SE)

The seminar will explore the political economy of China’s reforms from late 1970s to present day. It will specifically look at the role, which transnational mobility of capitals and human resources played in the process of China’s integration into capitalist market-oriented models and global networks of technology-transfer, production and commerce. The seminar will also have a focus on state-business relations and on the role of the state in guiding China’s outward economic expansion.

The main aim of the seminar is to enable students to develop a critical understanding of China’s economic and business development during the past four decades. Students will be active subjects in learning and will engage with collecting, interpreting and using data from different sources. Students will develop subject specific skills (familiarizing with the main debates on China’s economic transformation; critically approaching academic materials and grey literature) and transferrable skills (building and defending an argument; providing expert advice on a topic). The teacher will facilitate students’ learning by delivering traditional lectures, providing specific teaching aids, offering guidance for essays and presentations.

HS/SE: "Capital and Human Resources Mobility in China's Economic Transformation"
3131 L 180
Valeria Zanier
1. Block: Fr., 1. Dezember 2017, 15-20 Uhr; Sa., 2. Dezember 2017, 9-17 Uhr
2. Block: Fr., 12. Januar 2018, 15-20 Uhr; Sa., 13. Januar 2018, 9-17 Uhr
Bis zum 01. Dezember 2017 unter www.china.tu-berlin.de/anmeldung
MAR 2.034a (Bibliothek des China Centers)
BA KulT FW 35 (China 1)
MA China 1 (FW 37)


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