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Alternative facts and the Chinese media (HS/SE)

The course offers a comparative analysis of Chinese and Western mainstream media. It starts from the question of what we label as „Chinese“ or „Western“, moves towards a comparison of the two systems on the regulatory, administrative and also on the socio-philosophical level, then focuses on textual analysis. Participants will be introduced into the different discursive practices and the problematic of „dragon slayers“ and „panda huggers“. Chinese media production will also be placed into the context of the current credibility crisis of media on the global level.

HS/SE: Alternative facts and the Chinese media
3131 L 176
Révész, Ágota [1]
Mi 12-14 Uhr
MAR 0.015
BA-KulT FW 35 (China 1)
MA China 1 (FW 37)
CML (WiIng) & FüS:
LSF [2]
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