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HS/SE: "A Digitalized Social System in China"

This course has the objective to foster students’ critical thinking with regard to digital transformation through the lens of China’s ‘social credit system.’ Introduced in 2014, the social credit system still remains as a pilot scheme, which is tested on voluntarily basis and operated by two Chinese business behemoths—Tencent and Alibaba, but will become official and compulsory in 2020. The social credit system offers a rich scope for students to explore the opportunities and threats brought by digitalization and big data at micro-level, on the one hand; it enables them to appraise the development of China’s digital economy at macro-level, on the other.

The taught topics include China’s policy and implementation on digitalization and big data, the emergence and development of the social credit system, the application of big data and artificial intelligence in the social credit system, and finally, ethical as well as safety concerns about the digital infrastructure. Through these topics, students will gain insights into the transformation of real economy into digital economy, the multiplicity of big data in a transitional society, and the wider socio-political impact resulted from digitalization.

While the course restrains itself from being over-technical and opens to students from any background, having basic knowledge on China’s socio-economic situation and technological trend will help students better understand the opportunities, challenges, and implications of digitization in China. The pace of the course will take into account the students’ ability to follow and engage in the covered materials.

HS/SE:  "A Digitalized Social System in China"
3131 L 178

Lee, Tony C.
Fr 12-14
FH 314

BA- KulT FW 35: China 1
MA FW 37: China 1
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