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The Cultural Framework of Chinese Industrial Corporations

In the last 30 years the development of Chinese economy, and the growth of Chinese companies have outpaced the rest of the world. This course focuses on the development of high tech companies that have enabled China to perform this unique progress that moved hundreds of millions of people out of poverty, on the move upwards in the value added chain, from export oriented manufacturing to innovation. To have a deeper understanding of the special corporate cultures we will shortly discuss historical and cultural foundations. We will discuss corporate cultures in China with individual case studies, areas where China is aiming to lead the world, also how this new scenario will impact the World, challenges facing both West and China.

Blockseminar: 8.–10.5.2020 & 26.–28.6.2020 (Fr: 16-20 Uhr, Sa & So: 10-18 Uhr)

Anmeldung: Bis zum 23. April 2020 unter www.china.tu-berlin.de/anmeldung

HS/SE: "The Cultural Framework of Chinese Industrial Corporations"
LV-Nr. 3131 L 170
Aranyi, Zoltan 
Blockseminar: 8.–10.5.2020 & 26.–28.6.2020
(Fr: 16-20 Uhr, Sa & So: 10-18 Uhr)
Bis zum 23.4.2020 unter www.china.tu-berlin.de/anmeldung

BA-KulT FW 14, 15, 16
MA-TGWT FW 9, 11, 12, 14
BA- KulT FW 35: China 1
MA FW 37: China 1
Chinakompetenz-Zertifikat & FÜS:CK-WTC, CK-TeCh, CK-WiCh (BWL), CK-WiCh (VWL)

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