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HS/SE: "Architecture and Urban Planning in Modern and Contemporary China"

Blockseminar: 17.–19.1.2020 & 24.–26.1.2020 (Fr: 16-20 Uhr, Sa & So: 10-18 Uhr)

Anmeldung: Bis zum 17. Dezember 2019 unter www.china.tu-berlin.de/anmeldung

The course will discuss the current situation of architecture and urban planning in China, focusing on how architecture and cities developed from the Late Imperial age (mid. XIX century) up today.

The new millennium has been a time for a significant change in the Chinese planning history. Urbanization and the consequent turning of the population from rural to urban have given place to a series of phenomena affecting the built environment at multiple scales. Parallelly, architecture has bloomed after a long damnatio, and the architectural language is now defining new languages of interpretation of the traditional forms and styles that could eventually recall a sense of Chineseness.

So far, does anything survive of tradition in contemporary Chinese architecture and urban planning? If yes, what? In which terms?

By picking up topics of the current debate, lectures will light up architects, planners, case studies (e.g., Pearl River Delta region), and phenomena (e.g., copycat, urban villages, danwei, ghost cities) that most illustrate the genesis and peculiarities of the Chinese case.

Besides, the typological and morphological approach will address the analysis and comparison of case-studies. By assuming specific interpretational keys and considering a broad spectrum of instances from politics, economics, technologies, sociology, and philosophy, the geo-historian perspective will guide the discourse amplifying the meaning of facts, roles, and theories explained.

HS/SE:  "Architecture and Urban Planning in Modern and Contemporary China"
3131 L 173

Bona, Domenica
(Fr: 16-20 Uhr, Sa & So: 10-18 Uhr)
MAR 0.015

BA- KulT FW 35: China 1
MA FW 37: China 1
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